Bhekimpilo Paul Tshuma

Bhekimpilo Paul Tshuma

Bhekimpilo ‘Paul’ Tshuma is a Zimbabwean born musician and published poet, currently residing in Canada.

He is a McGill and Concordia University Alumni, studying Computer Software Design at McGill and Music at Concordia. These achievements have provided Paul with many opportunities to give workshops on disability challenges at both McGill and Concordia, while also facilitating workshops for a not-for-profit organisation (COCO). 

Paul’s desire to become a disability activist stemmed from inaccessible lived experiences at University, where the lack of accessibility in certain University buildings resulted in arriving at lectures late or having to leave lectures early in order to be in time for the next lecture or transport. This lack of accessibility resulted in him being given the opportunity to audit the adaptation of accessibility in University buildings.

Paul is also an accessibility consultant at Pluri, an organization geared towards social justice. Paul’s role at Pluri was to create a list and map accessible night life spaces in Montreal.

Alongside his brother, he started United Tribulation Choir, a gospel choir focussed on sharing their faith and telling their life story. The availability of technology has allowed him to compose, arrange, record and teach singing.

“I have joined Sync Canada because it is in my heart to develop my leadership skills and to contribute to the group.”