Seeley Quest

Seeley Quest

Seeley is a trans disabled writer, performer, dramaturg, organizer, and environmentalist, in Montreal since 2017.  

Working primarily in literary and body-based composition, and curation, sie presented actively in the San Francisco Bay Area 2001-14, with the Sins Invalid project 2007-15, and has toured to Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, and many U.S. cities.  

Hir playscript “Crooked” is publishing in a McFarland disability theatre anthology this fall, a poem’s in the book Disability Culture and Community Performance: Find a Strange and Twisted Shape, hir first digital game narrative debuted for National AccessAbility Week 2020, and sie’ll contribute a book performance for Buddies in Bad Times’ Rhubarb Festival 2021.  

Sie has facilitated Montreal workshops on disability with QPIRG McGill and the Access in Praxis conference, and at arts festivals outside Montreal.  A white person with mixed class, gender, and medicalized experiences since childhood, sie loves connecting audiences for co-learning and social action. 

“I’m enlivened by the growing momentum of disability arts and justice education, and disability communities’ collaboration, internationally; thank you to Sync for bringing this opportunity here!”