Gaitrie Persaud

Gaitrie Persaud

Growing up as a Deaf Guyanese/Canadian, Gaitrie always had a passion for music & performance. She believes you don’t have to be hearing to enjoy music – music is already within you, it is the natural rhythm of our being. 

Her close-knit family influenced her relationship with music; she & her hard-of-hearing brother would attend family gatherings with traditional music & dance. They would sign the lyrics & move to the bass, feeling it within their bodies. 

As an artist, she has worked with multiple hearing performers creating accessible performances, recently alongside Rosina Kazi of LAL, Christopher Corsini of MDL CHLD (live showcases) and collaborating with an Australian Musician to create Accessible Videos. She is gaining popularity and has been recognized as the top emerging Deaf musician in Canada. Creatively translating lyrics into accessible movement, spoke at Montreal’s POP Music Festival alongside panelist/activist Deaf Rapper Matt Maxey of Deafinitely Dope. 

Acting is her passion that she lives for. She has been involved with different theatres for almost 4 years. She has been involved in a big play “The Two Natashas: Our life in Guyana” with her co actor Natasha Bacchus. 

She owns her own company which is called PHOENIX THE FIRE.

“I am honoured to be part of Sync Canada programme online; it will be a whole new experience for me. I know it will give me to be a transformational leader, empower others to do the same thing. Enabling them to achieve willingly”