Alex Bulmer

A woman with light auburn hair faces the camera smiling.
Alex Bulmer

With 30 professional years across theatre, television, film, radio, and education, Alex Bulmer is dedicated to inclusive collaborative art practice, fueled by a curiosity of the improbable and deeply informed by her experience of becoming blind. She is activated by obstacles, enlivened toward re-imagining solutions, and embraces the disciplines of generosity, listening, time, and uncertainty within her artistic and personal life.

Alex is Artistic director of Common Boots Theatre, lead curator for Brave 2022: CoMotion Festival of Deaf and Disability Art, and artistic director of Cripping The Stage. She has designed and led numerous programs and consultancies in Canada and the UK to enable greater accessibility within arts organizations and performing arts education. In 2014, Alex was named as one of the most influential disabled artists by UK’s Power Magazine.

Alex welcomes participatory design for a more inclusive world and celebrates the infusion of the disabled experience into the arts.

I am thrilled to be a part of  Sync Leadership Canada. This program has had such an incredible impact in the UK, and I have high expectation that it will  greatly enhance my leadership  skills toward an inclusive and accessible Canada.