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Australian Sync Alumni and Artists

We are delighted to roll out a new 2 week modular programme in Australia in November for 8 new leaders.

Delivered online in 3hr sessions from 5-8pm on Nov, 1st, 3rd, 5th, 8th, 10th, 12th and with 1:1 coaching


I was feeling a bit directionless and wanted to better understand my identity as a disabled leader and what I had to offer. Finding my ‘tribe’ through Sync and spending an intensive period of time getting to know other disabled leaders from across the country and understanding what makes us each unique was so valuable. Morwenna CollettConsultant and Board Director

Sync is focussed around changing minds and the motivation required to move participants forward with new leadership thinking and action: giving those we work with resources to fight their corners and break through glass ceilings through intensive leadership theory and professional coaching support

Disabled people often develop natural skills and talents in designing and leading simply through having to orienteer the minefield of barriers they experience. Sync capitalises on this fact. Sarah Pickthall – Co-Founder, SyncLeadership

Watch a video in English and Auslan introducing the programme.

We will notify all applicants by 22nd October 2021

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