Eugenie Lee

Eugenie Lee in a long sleeved white/blue shirt wears a digital mask like device on top of her head with her right hand in a black glove with her other hand flat against a panelled wall, looking seriously at the camera.
Eugenie Lee. Photo Credit: Anna Kucera

Eugenie Lee is a Korean-Australian interdisciplinary artist with a conceptual focus on persistent pain. She creates embodiments of holistic experiences that encompass psycho-social pain related perceptions through interactive participatory performance installations. These works are generated from collaborations with pain researchers.

Eugenie’s exhibitions include The Big Anxiety Festival (2019), MOD.IFY at Museum Of Discovery (2018), and the touring exhibition The Patient (2016-18).
She is a recipient of Career Development OZCO (2020), Create NSW’s 360 Vision: VR/AR Development Initiative (2019), Synapse ANAT (2015), and Amplify Your Arts Accessible Arts (2014). She graduated with 1st class Honours from Sydney College of Arts (2012).

Participating in Sync Australia means that I will be a part of an exciting and compassionate team to learn from, grow, discover, share, and explore my unique leadership potential as a feminist disabled Asian artist living in Australia.