Dr. Riona Tindal

Monochrome photo of Dr. Riona Tindal standing against a brick wall, smiling, her hair tied up in a bun.

Dr. Riona Tindal is a creative illustrator, proudly Deaf who recently expanded her career founding her business Deaf Arts Space, Australia in 2020 after completing her role at Accessible Arts. She is a passionate advocate for inclusive arts culture for a diversity of d/Deaf Artists.

Drawing on her lived experience as a foundation for her diverse roles as an advocate, presenting a webinar with Creative Connections and Media/Operations officer with Flow Festival, Riona constantly advocates for creative space for Deaf people, striving to build more Deaf role models for the Arts/Performing sector.

I am absolutely stunned to be one of the 8 people selected and I will make the most of this brilliant opportunity where I can translate the learning and development into new thinking pathways, networking with like-minded people towards new powerful practice and leadership in sync with my Deaf Arts community.