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Anonymous Nine

Anonymous Nine

What makes a good leader?

A good leader is someone who can see ahead of everyone, who listens to everyone but does what he/ she sees right. A good leader is driven by passion and believes. He/ she is unstoppable, patient and a strategic thinker! A good leader is not afraid of taking the less traveled road nor is he afraid of paying the price for his/ her choices. A good leader can turn a problem into an opportunity. My role module is Nelson Mandela because he had a cause that he truly believed in and he managed to make the whole world see it and believe in it as well.

Does having an impairment or health issue change the experience of leadership?

I have experienced harsh and ruthless racism after 2001 to my shock and surprise. This resulted in causing me anxiety and depression. Instead of giving up to the stereotype, I have become determined in turning the stereotype of my race on its head. I am fuelled with anger and desire to get back part of my dignity. I have to do it myself because I owe it to myself and to my people.

I wrote three film scripts, two shorts and one feature where I poured out my heart on paper. This gave me some relief but only when these stories are materialized, I will recover because I will have my voice heard by then. Afterwards, I can operate at a different level and perhaps reach a higher goal that will make me feel part of humanity and beyond the issues of race, identity, inhibitions and narrow-minded culture.

Do disabled people experience barriers to leadership that non disabled people don't experience?

Yes. Although I am driven and motivated by anger, pain and desire to put things straight. I have to learn the business language necessary to get where I want to get. I also have to develop the right skills to utilise large-scale business agreements. The issues that put me down in the first place should not reduce me. It is time for me to grow and for that my talent needs to be nurtured, guided, mentored and handled with care. The drive and potential are there, I am now looking for the opportunity and the environment that will allow me to grow.