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Feedback Forum - the questions never end!


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Linda Mac Phail

I would really like to be kept informed of any forth comming events concerning Reverb. You got me interested!


Kevin Harrison

A huge vote of thanks to everyone who supported and participated in Reverb Scotland. The opportunity to get disabled musicians from across Scotland and to get everyone playing and talking together was invaluable. We look forward to drawing together the findings from the day and use them to inform the future of music and disability in Scotland. Thanks Robert and Mairi for all your hard work, as well as partner agencies such as Drake Music Scotland, Limelight, Paragon Ensemble, the Tolbooth and Sense Scotland. Also thanks to the Artlink Central Team and to Creative Scotland staff who supported the event.



I'm really disappointed that I'm going to miss the show in Stirling, it's the day before my College induction in Edinburgh. Wish I could go as well because my girlfriend stays and studies in Stirling and I probably could have rallied up some Uni Students to come.


amble skuse

hi - unfortunately I can't make the event but I'd be interested in having a discussion around CFS / ME and music - if anyone wants to that is.

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Keeping telling us what you want from the sector

Just because the Reverb event is now behind us, that's no reason to stop the conversations flowing!

You can use the comment box on this page to make any general points or ask other questions.

Alternatively we've set up three focussed questions to start the ball rolling. They are;

What needs to happen now to improve the opportunities for disabled musicians?

What kind/format of events do you want in the future?

How should a network of disabled musicians operate? What should it do?

Happy posting!