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Reverb Scotland is about music in Scotland

What is Reverb Scotland

Ultimately Reverb is about making all aspects of music in Scotland open and accessible to all - playing, training, listening, gigging, festival-ing... (not sure thats a real word though).

To make that access and inclusion a reality, Reverb Scotland exists to give a platform to disabled musicians within Scotland so they can share their music with the world (and each other).

And when we say disabled musicians we also mean musicians with a disability, musicians with a long term health condition, musicians who have impairments and any other way people prefer to label themselves - we are interested in the music far more than the labels!

Reverb Scotland is also about an event that happened on 1st September 2010. An event that brought disabled musicians together physically as well as virtually. But for more about that, go to the evaluation page!

What was the event?

In September 2010, Reverb Scotland held an event to find out what disabled musicians in Scotland want from Scottish Arts Council/Creative Scotland, and what they want from the organisations that support them.

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Much music activity for disabled musicians has been funded by Scottish Arts Council in the past, and will be funded by Creative Scotland in the future, either directly or through key organisations such as:

  • Sounds of Progress
  • Drake Music Scotland
  • Sense Scotland
  • Artlink Central
  • Artlink Edinburgh and the Lothians

But is the funding going on the right things? Is the support being offered enough to really make inclusion happen?

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Who was involved?

Reverb Scotland was developed by Artlink Central and the other organisations shown above, with funding from Scottish Arts Council.

The day was arranged by flip - disability equality in the arts, who also maintain this website.

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What happened at the event?

Well, not just talking!

To get a sense of what went on, see the evaluation section

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