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A brief summary of what happened on the day

Welcome to the Evaluation section of the Reverb Scotland website. This is where we have gathered all the outcomes from the various consultation methods used on the day: workshops; video voxur; written feedback; roaming video; and our cartoonist.

You can download a summary of the evaluation here or go to the documents sections to download notes and transcripts from the workshops and the opening and end sessions.

We have had some positive feedback from the day:

  • It was excellent that you provided lots of different ways for people to respond and take part in the consultation process.
  • Overall, the day was a resounding success, which deserves to be followed up in every way possible.
  • The organisation of the day was of a very high standard
  • Overall, I would say that all these participants who attended the Reverb event from Sense Scotland were able to richly contribute to this event by airing their views and personal experiences, meeting and relating to peers and practitioners, and really take part in the shared music performances.
  • I would hope that this event is just a taster of bigger things to come, in relation to the needs and aspirations of musicians who have disabilities.

We have also identified many possible actions and recommendations as a result of the day:

  • A music festival, (D In The Park?)
  • Further events – consultations and showcases
  • Need for continued networks to bring musicians into the spotlight
  • Value in an independent outlet for views to be genuinely expressed and shared outside of current practice in order to learn and explore further.
  • Musicians’ union is a great idea!
  • Need for training and support to raise awareness in mainstream organisations
  • Raise awareness with funding bodies and supporters about the areas of activity that should be funded – therapy health not arts funding
  • Press for ‘excellence’ of disabled artist to be funded
  • Need for research into Access to Work and to provide clarity and support for artists who use ATW or who need to pay PAs
  • Need for more teaching of specific instruments
  • Continuing networks – musicians and organisations

As a direct result of the day there has already been a band booking and some piano lessons organised – keep in touch and let us know what Reverb resulted in for you!

"My only down comment is that I wish more events of this kind were arranged more often, and that in my case closer to Dundee. I will certainly come to anything of this nature in the future”.

Reverb participant

“I loved performing my song to the audience, I thought I got a great reaction. Experiences like this increase my confidence, and encourages me to practice and improve my skills. I now do guitar lessons”.

Reverb participant