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Sense Scotland

Sense Scotland

As Music Tutor at Sense Scotland, I work as part of the Arts And Wellbeing team where we strive to develop and sustain communication with children and adults, who have communication support needs due to deafblindness, sensory impairment, learning and physical disabilities, autism.

My role includes facilitating and evaluating a regular programme of music activities, tailored to the needs of children and adults with disabilities, and is based within a Scotland-wide remit.

The music sessions are focused on individual’s access to the medium of music in all it’s diversity, enhancing personal development by providing real opportunities for creative self expression, communication and social integration. Works produced are showcased through regular performances and exhibitions.

Participants come from a wide field of experience and include; skilled, virtuoso musicians to children who are at the early stages of exploring their own voice through non verbal activities.

The emphasis is on communication, self-expression, creativity and individual aspirations. Working as part of an Arts team we use a wide range of arts mediums to inspire individual expression, which in turn can provide a wide range of health benefits in participants everyday lives.

The medium of music offers a huge potential to inspire and develop opportunities among participants including; Areas of self expression and creativity, Self identity and Self-esteem through performance, recording, personal achievement.

David McCluskey

Music Tutor, Sense Scotland